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How do I redeem my free gift voucher?

Gift Vouchers have been designed to utilize the excess unused inventory that all our properties have. These are usually given free to prospective clients who take time out of their busy schedule to learn about Country Club so that they can experience the product and buy it at a later time.

The inventory shown on the gift voucher is not the same as a member’s week so if you are a member with a voucher the date and location options that you would get with your member week will be a lot more than the voucher. The best way to get the most of the voucher is to book in advance. The booking of the week is fully online and we do not provide customer support for the same.

The voucher is subject to the terms and conditions that are printed on the voucher.  The voucher is non transferable and is only for families. The resort will not accept any non families.

As of June 2012 the voucher has 3 booking fee (A) One week – INR 4000 (B)  2 or 3 nights weekends – INR 2500 (c) @ or 3 nights weekdays – INR 2200


Voucher number and Mobile number provided are needed to make the holiday booking.

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