Country Club Customer care

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Our New Scheme (Under MGM)

Here’s a chance to reap benefits through our latest MGM loyalty reward scheme!

By simply referring a new member to us through our MGM (Member get Member) scheme, you will soon be able to earn substantial membership reductions from your renewal fees. Yes! While our new & old members in India will get Rs. 3000, the members freshly introduced to the Country Club would also reap a benefit of the same amount (Rs. 3000).

For our cherished members in the Middle East, there’s a substantial benefit of 1000 dirhams.

So, introduce a member and get the BENEFIT NOW !!



How to redeem my air ticket coupon ?

The Procedure For Booking Flight Ticket With Coupon Code Are Follows-:

1) Log in to ( WEBSITE ).

2) Once you search any sector it will show “Cash-back”, Use the given coupon for getting the cash back on this fare” attached is the screenshot of the same (below).

3) The coupon code is valid up to Rs.5,500/- fare only above that the customer will not get any cash back.

4) Customer has to pay full amount as per the ticket, the cash back amount will be reversed within 3 to 7 working days after deducting Rs.999-/-.

5) Booking has to be made one month in advance.

The below is the screenshot -:



What are the facilities available in the country club?

The facilities available in the country club are listed below:

In case you still have a query,you can raise it at our (Website).

learn how to raise an online query (HERE).

need a conveyance arrangement for local sight-seeing

Lot of our Resorts has cab services at their gates. Mostly these are external vendors. There will be a nominal charge for the same.

In case, if a particular resort doesn’t have such a facility, we shall be happy to arrange a reliable local on-call cab service for you. You will be informed of the charges applicable.

In case you still have a query,you can raise it at our (“WEBSITE”)

learn how to raise an online query (“HERE”)

Need online login credentials

Generally, your log in credentials are given to you at the time of your joining  in the form of printed receipts/As well as a Auto generated sms as a member of the Country Club  Family.However if you did not receive them or have trouble log in, you are  requested to  raise a query  for the same,On receiving our back end team will get in touch with you.

Alternately, you can log on to (“WEBSITE”) , & click signup.This allows you to register yourself online & view your details.Generally the Log in  Id will be your registered mail id and the password will be your Registered mobile number   which you have provided at the time of enrolling.


In case you still have a query,you can raise it at our “WEBSITE”


Reach us online just by Click “HERE”

I want to make a payment online


Country Club extends to you, the luxury of paying online, with just a few clicks.

Here’s a quick tutorial-

1) log on to Website

2)Click on the option on the top left,says “pay”(as indicating below).

3) Clicking on that, will display a drop down, which has multiple options.

4) Kindly fill in with the required details.Ensure that you choose the right reason for the payment.

5) once you are done, just click “submit”.

In case you still have a query,you can raise it at our Website.

learn how to raise an online query HERE.


What are the steps involved in booking Holidays?

Every member is provided, with a unique log in id and password  from the Country Club.Using this, members can log in  into  & can book/plan their holidays.The holiday option, however, are visible only to the members, who have paid complete membership amounts & also their maintenance (AMC).

1)log on to country club website

2)Please enter your log in details,provided at the time of your joining the membership,as indicating at the right side on the top.

3) click on the option titled “holidays”

4) On the holiday option screen, click on the option that says “book” (normally the option is highlighted in one box, however if you have paid advance AMC or have not utilized your holidays, in the past year, your options may vary).

5)Chose your destination (a) & dates (b) & click “submit”(c).

& you are done! its as simple as that.

Alternately, bookings/reservations can also be made by contacting our reservation team,at or by calling to 040-67482222.

Still have a query?please enter your query on the Website.

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How can I transfer my membership?


You can transfer/gift or sell your membership to your near and dear ones.

The following procedure to be followed for the Transfer of Membership:
1. A letter requesting the transfer from Existing member to a new member ( Mr./Ms/………….)
2. The new member has to give a letter of acceptance for Membership from Mr./Ms/……… his/her name.
3. Existing member has to be clear his Membership fee and Outstanding Dues if any.
4. New Member has to  fill New Membership application/agreement along with required KYC (ID Proof / Address Proof/photos etc)
5.Transfer fee Rs.3000/- for individual and Rs.5000/- for corporate, DD In favor of Country Club India ltd.,  (Debit Notes not accepted)


The cards need to be returned and a new set of cards are sent to the new members. All unused features can be transferred to the new membership owner. A transfer can happen only once.

In case you still have a query,you can raise it at our Website.

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What is DAE?

DAE or Dial An Exchange, is a facility, that allows a member to avail exchange holiday options, in various destinations, whether in India or abroad in lieu of a nominal exchange fee.

The per-requisite for DAE membership is that you must be a time- share/club member. Country Club membership suffices the purpose. If you have Country Club Membership along with Vacation membership with DAE facility, log on to & register. Thereafter, you can choose the destination of your choice  and avail the memorable holiday.

In case you still have a query,you can raise it at our Website.

learn how to raise an online query HERE.

What are the KYC documents required to become a Country Club member?

To become a Country Club Member the following documents are required :

  •  Signed copy of Identity proof
  •  Signed copy of address proof
  •  DOB certificate of children